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Dififunds is a multi chain decentralized autonomous Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) platform that emphasize on the safety of investors.


We believe in decentralizing everything that can be decentralized, Thus DifiFunds is the Uniswap for pre-sale. Launch a project whenever you are ready, unlike centralized launchpad platform where projects must apply and wait on a queue.


No Discrimination, No whale games, we believe in fairness. we've simplified presale participation by mitigating the need to hold or stake tokens in order to participate in Presales since it only benefits the whales.


Automatic listing and locking of Liquidity on Uniswap and pancakeswap (unlock time is set by project team).


There is more than one way to rug pull, watchout for mint function and other hidden functions not mentioned by a project, also check if a project team is holding more than enough tokens to dump on investors after a presale. Projects have the option to add the link to their audit report which will be shown on the pre-sale page. Projects that fails to link to their audit report will have a "Not Yet Audited" sign on their pre-sale page.This should help investors in their decision makng.

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Sometimes, decentralization comes with a certain hiccups, to mitigate these we've made it possible for projects to add a link to their Team Members page which will be shown on the pre-sale page. Projects that fails to post a link to their Team page will have a "Anon Team" sign on their pre-sale page, Investors are advised to do their own research before participating in a presale


Do you want to allow only certain addresses to participate in your token sale? We have you covered.


Investors can claim their Tokens after a successful Presale OR Refund after a failed presale. Refunds can only be claimed when a presale fails to reach Softcap or if the project team cancelled the presale. Please refer to our "HOW IT WORKS" for further clarification on how to Claim a token or Refund

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To further encourage the launch of legitimate projects on Dififunds, influencers who refer successful projects will receive 10% of the fees generated from the sale.


1% of raised amount will be charged as fee for projects launching on ETH Chain.

2.5% of raised amount will be charged as fee for projects launching on BSC.


Investing in cryptocurrency is subject to high market risk. Please invest cautiously. Dififunds does not endorse or otherwise perform any due diligences on the projects listed on it platform. Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any project. Dififunds has made best efforts to create a safe platform for Presales. Dififunds will not be responsible for your investment losses.